6 Jul 2009

Common Cause American Samoa backs wage hike law

2:31 pm on 6 July 2009

Common Cause American Samoa says it does not support the petition being circulated to stop the federally mandated increases to the local minimum wage.

The petition has been backed by the local Chamber of Commerce

The watchdog group is sending its own letter to President Barack Obama saying the idea that holding or rolling back the scheduled increase in the local minimum wage will somehow make for a better life, flies in the face of common sense.

Common Cause takes the position that the local government should work to improve the quality of life for all of its citizens including legal guest workers.

The letter states that may factors besides labour costs have affected the fishing industry.

First is the declining fishing stocks and the spiraling energy costs related to harvesting and shipping.

On the other hand the buying power of those at the bottom of the wage scale have seen a substantial decline.