8 Jul 2009

Queries about Fiji regime's public asset policies

12:20 pm on 8 July 2009

Questions have been raised over whether the interim government in Fiji should be making decisions to sell off or divest the government of state-owned assets.

In announcing a new roadmap for Fiji, the interim Prime Minister has spoken of needing to not only draw up a new constitution, but make changes in the next three years to strengthen police, the judiciary and develop the nation's infrastructure.

But the ousted opposition leader, Mick Beddoes, says only an elected government should be making decisions over assets the people of Fiji own:

"He's called to sell off or divest of some of assets government to streamline government. Again, these are assets belonging to the people and it's people's representatives who should be there conducting business on the matter of divesting or otherwise all of the government's investments, there are something close to a billion dollars in government statutory companies and various investments."

Mr Beddoes says he is still willing and eager to take part in discussions with the interim government, but only if the debate is open and not dictated by the current administration.