14 Jul 2009

Human rights group says recent shooting in Papua similiar to 2002 shootings

10:33 am on 14 July 2009

Meanwhile, the US-based West Papua Advocacy Team says there are some key parallels between these shootings and those which killed three Freeport employees in Timika in 2002.

US and Indonesian investigators found that Papuan separatists were behind the 2002 attack but local rights groups have long maintained the military had a hand in the killings.

WPAT's Ed McWilliams says that based on police reports about the latest shooting, it was carried out on the same road from the mine as the 2002 attack and also involved a security forces weapon.

"Moreover it's quite striking that this victim was hit in a vehicle with four other persons. The shots were fired, according to police, from at least 25 metres, and four shots hit this victim. It strikes me that this was damn fine shooting. And as we know the armed resistance in West Papua does not have, typically, that kind of skill, whereas we do find that skill of course within the Indonesian security forces."

Ed McWilliams.