14 Jul 2009

Concerns over "christian crusade" in Fiji policing

8:30 pm on 14 July 2009

There are concerns the 'Christian Crusade' influencing policing in Fiji could see a more fundamentalist agenda imposed.

The Creative Director of Women's Action for Change, Peni Moore, says all officers are required to take part in the evangelical crusade, led by the recently formed New Methodist Church.

Ms Moore says the impact of this form of religion puts women back into a subservient role

But Senior Superintendent, Waisea Tabakau, argues the drive is creating a dramatic change throughout Fiji:

"We believe that God is working miracles in Fiji because not only police, but all church denomination, all the religious groups in Fiji are assisting the police in our crime prevention campaign, we are doing it all around country, we are moving from province to province, from village to village and we are serious on this, we mean business."

Senior Superintendent Waisea Tabakau says the focus is on the evil spirits within the people who commit crime and teaching them about a better way of life.