15 Jul 2009

Solomons opposition questions counter-terrorism bill

11:53 am on 15 July 2009

The Solomon Islands opposition leader, Manasseh Sogavare, has taken issue with the counter-terrorism Bill, warning its adoption could turn the country into a police state.

But Mr Sogavare has told parliament the way the bill has been presented before the house has left legislators with no choice but to approve it for fear of being ostracised by the developed countries.

He says Solomon Islands will be a police state if the government gives the police and military, unfettered powers to arrest, detain, charge and prosecute suspected offenders.

Mr Sogavare says the greatest enemy to the success of the global fight against terrorism is international politics that is driven by dishonesty and hypocrisy.

He says there must be a genuine concern over all issues that threaten world peace, global economic stability and the existence of mankind, not only what a handful of powerful members of the United Nations believe to be the issues.