17 Jul 2009

Fiji Consumer Council says redundancies a chance for innovation

5:54 pm on 17 July 2009

The Fiji Consumer Council says if the interim government makes more public servants redundant they should view it as a chance for innovation.

In April, 2,500 staff were forced to retire after the retirement age was lowered to 55 by decree.

This week the Public Service Commission told FijiLive that it plans to cull the number of public servants by another 20 percent, or 6,000 jobs, and staff will be asked to take voluntary redundancy.

The consumer council's chief executive, Premila Kumar, says if that's the case, there are other jobs those people can do.

"Like for example when you want a plumber to come and do the work in your house you can hardly find them and when they do come the charges are extremely high or if you just want a grass cutter to come and cut the grass even that is very expensive because there is hardly any competition. It's unfortunate due to cultural barrier where we look at white collar job as a sign of status in the society has really not taken the country forward."

Premila Kumar of Fiji's Consumer Council.