20 Jul 2009

Opposition to funding special American Samoa Festival in Hawaii

10:12 am on 20 July 2009

The American Samoa governor's plan to spend US$200,000 for a Samoan Heritage Week in Hawaii has meet with resistance in the House of Representatives.

Perplexed with the negative image of Samoans in Hawaii, the governor has announced a festival.

It's aim is to promote Samoans who have done well in Hawaii and also Samoan arts and culture.

But Representative Galu Satele Jr. did not think it was appropriate to spend this money to fix problems with Samoans in Hawaii when the territory is faced with some severe problems of its own.

He gave as an example the loss of thousands of jobs when Samoa Packing closed.

Representative Agaoleatu Charlie Tautolo said the government should address what's happening at home , instead of trying to address problems in Hawaii.

He doubted the celebration plan will deliver the results the governor intends.