20 Jul 2009

New Caledonians report more flu at special clinic

3:17 pm on 20 July 2009

And the health authorities in New Caledonia report an increase in the number of people visiting the special flu treatment centre set up in Noumea.

They now say 50 people seek care every day while a week ago the number was only 20. although it is not always clear if swine flu is masked by another flu.

The local daily newspaper says the spread of swine fly is no longer restricted to those who have travelled overseas but it also says that to date the H1N1 virus has been contained in the Noumea area.

A call is expected to made to Paris for France to release more Tamiflu as the incidence of infection is greater than in mainland France.

As a result of the swine flu outbreak a class of high school children has ben sent home.