21 Jul 2009

Two out of three women in Solomon Islands have suffered abuse

10:58 am on 21 July 2009

New research has found two thirds of Solomon Islands women have suffered some form of abuse.

The research, unveiled at a workshop in Honiara this week, is yet to be endorsed by Cabinet, but found that two out of three women, aged between 15 and 49 have been abused in their lifetime.

The Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Women, Youth and Children Affairs, Ethel Sigamanu, says the figures are alarming.

"Sixty Four percent of women are abused, sexually abused and physically abused, or both. There was anecdotal evidence to suggest that the rate could be high. It's not unusual to see domestic violence, for instance, and so we has been expecting something along those lines, but we now just shocked."

Ethel Sigamanu.

The workshop focuses on drawing together current national projects and initiatives towards addressing violence against women and improve collaboration between the different sectors for law reform on the issue.