23 Jul 2009

Council for World Mission says Fiji church communications controlled

6:45 pm on 23 July 2009

The Council for World Mission says it has information that suggests church communications in Fiji are being controlled and disrupted.

The comment follows the arrest of several Methodist church leaders and Fiji's most senior female High Chief over the church's annual conference, which the interim government has banned.

Martin Baker of the council's Pacific arm says the growing level of religious oppression in Fiji does not bode well for the future of the church.

"I think it's really difficult and in fact we have information now to suggest that emails and communications from some of those church leaders both within the country and to other countries in the Pacific region are being controlled and interfered with by the regime in Fiji so I think they face some really significant challenges."

Martin Baker says the Council for World Mission will be pressuring governments throughout the region to take action against what is happening in Fiji.