24 Jul 2009

Concern over violence following Timika attacks

10:58 am on 24 July 2009

The West Papua Advocacy Team has voiced concern over the impact of police sweep operations in Timika following the attacks.

The Team's Ed McWilliams says according to their sources on the ground, at least twenty local Papuans have been detained and interrogated by police without access to lawyers, with reports that an elderly detainee has been badly beaten.

Mr McWilliams says they're troubled that the investigation process may deny justice both for the victims of the shootings and the local Papuans.

"One of the other concerns is that we're concerned that, as in the past, a consequence of all this violence will be even greater violence metted out against the Papuan civillians in the vicinity with sweep operations taking place nominally against the OPM (separatist movement) but in effect dealing with civillians in the villages and so on."