24 Jul 2009

French Polynesia's Flosse to be interrogated in Paris before return to Tahiti

11:33 am on 24 July 2009

The French Polynesian veteran politician, Gaston Flosse, is to be questioned by police in Paris today, a day after he lost his immunity as French senator.

This come after he had planned to fly back to Tahiti today to answer questions by the investigative judge in Papeete probing the so-called OPT affair, over which five people are in jail, pending an end to the inquiries.

The senate bureau agreed to lift Mr Flosse's immunty to the extent that he can be questioned for 24 hours twice but not taken into custody unless the Senate has approved a further request.

According to Mr Flosse's lawyer in Tahiti, the questioning in Paris will be in the presence of his French laywer for the first hour of the interrogation only.

The move to proceed with the questioning now has forced Mr Flosse to delay his return to Papeete by two days.