27 Jul 2009

Government schools in Samoa to close for a week

6:03 am on 27 July 2009

All government schools in Samoa have been forced to close temporarily for one week, starting tomorrow following, urgent advice from the Minister of Health, Gatoloaifa'ana Amataga Gidlow, to the Minister of Education.

Many students and teachers are reported to be sick with flu like


The Ministry of Health CEO, Palanitina Tupuimatagi Toelupe, says the advice from the minister makes use of emergency powers and it's hoped to be able to contain the fast spread of the flu

Latest figures shows only 37 confirmed cases of swine flu in Samoa, but the chief executive officer of health is worried many people in the outback of the country are affected but not reporting to district health centers for treatment.

As a result of the wide spread sickness, the Ministry of Health has urged organizations and churches in the country to consider postponing conferences and large gatherings, as well as Sunday services on a temporary basis in order to avoid further spread of the flu.