29 Jul 2009

Hopes new brochures will boost economic growth in Tonga

1:47 pm on 29 July 2009

The Chamber of Commerce in Tonga says a new set of brochures on business licensing will boost the number of licensed businesses and lead to economic growth.

"The process maps were unveiled by the Ministry for Labour, Commerce and Industries two weeks ago (Friday 17th July) to guide those who are wanting to understand how to start a business in Tonga."

The President of the Chamber of Commerce Paula Taumoepeau (pow-lah tow-moy-pee-ow -all 'ow' sounds are pronounced like the 'ow' in cow) says the booklets were compiled after the government and private sector identified impediments for people wanting to launch a business.

It'll list in Tongan and also in English the steps where you would go through the forms you require to get a business license because there are different requirements depending on what kind of business you want to go into. If you wanted to start a construction firm it's slightly different and also getting a license as an electrician.

Paula Taumoepeau says he believes the brochures will spark an increase in new businesses and will eventually lead to economic growth in Tonga.