29 Jul 2009

AIBD head declines to comment on whether Fiji censorship was wrong

8:26 am on 29 July 2009

The head of the Asia Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development, the AIDB, has given his tacit support for the censorship in Fiji, saying the journey to democracy is a long term one in any given country.

Javad Mottaghi, who is at the Pacific Media Summit in Vanuatu, says his organisation is a non-political body whose ethics preclude any interference in the affairs of member countries.

Last week, Mr Mottaghi was at the annual AIDB conference which was organised by the interim regime in Fiji, which now applies strict media censorship.

Mr Mottaghi declined to comment on whether it was wrong to gag the Fiji media.

"You see, you have certain definitions when it comes to certain issues. Then we have other definitions of the issues you are raising. The only way forward is to discuss. My maxim is to agree on disagreement on certain issues and to agree on agreement on certain issues."

Javad Mottaghi of the AIDB.