29 Jul 2009

PNG parliament adjourned despite looming no-confidence motion

9:44 pm on 29 July 2009

Papua New Guinea's parliament has been adjourned until November the 10th as the government moved to avoid a motion of no confidence being tabled against it.

The opposition had earlier delivered a notice for a motion of no confidence to the parliamentary speaker, saying it had the numbers in parliament to topple the government.

But our PNG correspondent, Oseah Philemon, reports that the speaker didn't have the chance to table or reject the motion.

"Before the speaker could say anything about the notice of a motion of no confidence that was given to him, when parliament resumed the leader of government business stood up and moved that parliament be adjourned to November 10th. That caused a huge uproar in parliament, both sides of the house shouting abuse at each other and it was a very very rowdy scene in parliament. Eventually, parliament was brought under control, the vote was taken, and it's now adjourned to November 10th and that's the budget session."