30 Jul 2009

Transparency International concerned at PNG adjournment

3:39 pm on 30 July 2009

Transparency International in Papua New Guinea says there's widespread concern over the government's move to adjourn parliament until November.

The government has won the postponement vote taken to avoid the tabling of a no confidence motion yesterday.

The chair of Transparency International, Peter Aitsi, says parliament should follow the procedures guided under the constitution.

He says if the government has the numbers then it should not be afraid to allow the normal processes of parliament to take place.

"What we're concerned about is the current steps taken by the government in adjourning parliament when there're some critical issues that parliament is required to deal with. And the adjournment is clearly in reaction to a vote of no confidence presented by the opposition."

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Peter Aitsi says his organisation is seeking advice on the legality of the postponement.

Meanwhile, a government spokesperson says the adjournment is needed to allow much needed refurbishments in parliament house.