31 Jul 2009

NZ's Foreign Minister will present a balanced view at CMAG meeting on Fiji

1:24 pm on 31 July 2009

New Zealand's foreign minister says he will be trying to present a balanced view of the interests of the region at tonight's Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group meeting on Fiji.

Fiji has been suspended from the Councils of the Commonwealth since the 2006 coup.

Murray McCully says when the group last met in March, it laid down clear guidelines, requiring positive steps towards a return to democracy, of Fiji would face full suspension.

He says not only has there not been positive movement, the abrogation of the Constitution, and suspension of the judiciary was a backward step.

"There are two regional representatives, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. I think it's important that we try to find a measured and balanced way to represent the interests of the region. Generally the Commonwealth has taken the view that it seeks guidance from the regional body, in this case the Pacific Islands Forum leadership."

New Zealand's foreign minister Murray McCully.