3 Aug 2009

Computerised card scanning system for American Samoa Education employees

10:58 am on 3 August 2009

American Samoa's Department of Education has implemented a new computerised card scanning system to track the attendance of its nearly 2,000 employees at its 80 work sites.

The card employee payroll scan system requires all workers to have a badge, which must be scanned at their work location when they arrive and leave work.

The information scanned at any given site is immediately stored into a centralised computer database, located at the main office.

An education official at American Samoa's education department, Kalilimoku Hunt, says they have been on 'high risk' status by the U.S. Department of Education because it felt their previous sign in and out system was open to abuse.

He says this new system will be monitored closely.

"For example, we can see from here who has punched in a number other than their own, we call the site right away and tell the timekeeper, watch out for this, look to see who punched in their card, why have they punched in , instead of scanned in."

Kalilimoku Hunt says the system will be fully operational by August 8.