6 Aug 2009

Ministry of Education in Tonga keen to revive traditional cultural practices

11:22 am on 6 August 2009

The Ministry of Education in Tonga is striving to create cultural awareness in hope of reviving traditional practices.

For the first time last week a Tongan cultural heritage exhibition, titled Kava Kuo Heka, was held in Nuku'alofa, featuring the work of local artists and cultural performances.

A senior education officer for the Ministry of Education, women's affairs and culture, Tuilokamana Tuita, says some of Tonga's local skills and knowledge have faded away but the Ministry is working on reviving them.

"Things like the generations of weaving, someone ran a workshop and her work was being sold as well. We also had workshops on things like cultural performance, a special type of singing and the people who used to do it have died and it wasn't being shared."

Tuilokamana Tuita says the exhibition was highly successful and the Ministry hopes to run a similar event next year.