7 Aug 2009

PNG police commander says change in mindset needed to confront violence in Enga

1:53 pm on 7 August 2009

Papua New Guinea's police commissioner, Gari Baki, says there needs to be a total change in the mindset and attitudes of the people of Enga Province.

His comments come after police had been criticised for not doing enough in the province which has been beset by violence, including the beheading of a man and the torching of an office complex.

Mr Baki says it is totally unfair for the police to be blamed for the arson, death and destruction occurring in Enga.

He says it is the Engan people themselves who are to blame.

Mr Baki says there is an attitude problem in Enga and a general disrespect and contempt for the established authorities and the rule of law.

He says it is doesn't matter how many police personnel are deployed if there is not a genuine commitment and willingness from the people to help foster peace and law and order.