12 Aug 2009

Source of brucellosis outbreak in Fiji discovered

10:58 am on 12 August 2009

A preliminary finding by two veterinarians from the Food Agricultural Association in Rome has revealed that Fiji's brucellosis outbreak re-emerged from a single farm in Tailevu that sold its stocks to a dairy farm in Wainivesi.

The two experts were in the country for two weeks and conducted an investigation on the cause of the re-emergence and how officials handling these cases could be assisted to prevent further spread.

Ministry of Agriculture spokesman, Joe Uluilakeba, told the Fiji Times according to the experts' finding, a good number of infected cows originated from a farm in Tailevu that sold its cows to a farm in Wainivesi before it closed down a few years ago.

He said this was only one of the findings "but there could be other causes".

A draft report is expected to be made available to the ministry today.