12 Aug 2009

Solomons to renew push for women in parliament

3:12 pm on 12 August 2009

Solomon Islands is to ask political parties to guarantee a proportion of candidates will be women by the country's next election.

The Solomon Islands government was trying to set up 10 reserved seats for women in its 50-seat parliament, but abandoned the attempt.

In the last election, voters elected no woman candidate.

The Prime Ministrer, Derek Sikua says they now have a clause in the draft Political Parties Integrity Bill, which would ensure that at least 10 percent of candidates would be women.

"We hope that in the forthcoming elections in 2010 that some women will get through the party ticket. With party support and backing behind them, and women candidates, I'm almost sure that we will have women representation in parliament come the 2010 elections."

Derek Sikua.

MPs in Papua New Guinea were also attempting to reserve seats for women, but that has been stalled by the adjournment of parliament.