13 Aug 2009

American Samoa's Education H1N1 task force works on three areas

11:08 am on 13 August 2009

In American Samoa the Department of Education's H1N1 Task Force will focus on three main areas to help prevent the spread of swineflu on school campuses.

Chairperson Tumua Matuu says awareness, prevention and preparation, are key to coping with the virus and this includes how children interact.

"Assuring that distancing of kids is maintained in schools, for example seating arrangements in class, over-crowding of buses, as well as the hygiene, proper hygiene to prevent spread."

Tumua Matuu says the task force had a very productive first meeting and welcomed the input of two doctors from the Department of Health.

She says she hopes schools will not need to close because of influenza but guidelines will be developed to determine if and when this should happen.