17 Aug 2009

Case against Samoa's road side switch due in court tomorrow

10:07 am on 17 August 2009

A lobby group in Samoa is to have its challenge to the government's decision to switch to driving on the other side of the road, heard in the Supreme Court tomorrow.

In three weeks, motorists in Samoa will have to drive on the left side of the road instead of the right.

But despite the Government's firm commitment to the change, strong opposition remains.

The group, People Against Switching Sides or PASS say it's hoping to prove in court that the road transport reform legislation is unconstitutional.

A member of PASS, Papalii Vio Dr Annandale, says they believe forcing drivers and pedestrians to deal with cars driving on the other side of the road will result in injury and loss of life.

Papalii says there is a lot riding on tomorrow's court action.

"For the moment, the court case is our main, main hope for justice but their are groups amongst our community who are considering other options."

The Samoan government says the main motivation for the change is to allow Samoans living in rural areas and those farming to get vehicles from their relatives in New Zealand and Australia.