17 Aug 2009

Call for PNG's New Ireland to diversify from mining by developing tourism potential

7:43 pm on 17 August 2009

The province of New Ireland in Papua New Guinea is looking to boost tourism in the hope of reducing its dependence on mining.

New Ireland Tourism Board chairman, Noel Levi, has issued the challenge to expand tourism, saying it would provide the province with a more sustainable future.

Mr Levi says diving, surfing, big game fishing and yacht racing are all potential attractions, along with adventure tourism.

"We have some of the best atoll islands here in New Ireland, its probably just as good if not better than the ones you find in Tahiti or Fiji. But we need to develop the infrastructure and make it more attractive. Hopefully in the long term maybe in the next five to ten years we can get all these things happening."

Noel Levi says he has approached the minining companies in New Ireland to seek their support in developing tourist activities.