19 Aug 2009

Solomon Islands' Malaita Premier calls for stop to arrogance

8:15 pm on 19 August 2009

The premier of Solomon Islands' Malaita Province is calling for his people to stop behaving arrogantly and to start working harder.

The call follows a warning from the Lau member of parliament that he will move to reintroduce the death penalty if Malaitans continue to kill each other.

Premier Na'amo Irosaea says the sort of arrogance that Malaitan people typically display is working against creating national unity.

"We have learned the lesson from the ethnic tension and therefore from now on we should be you know putting some measures to correct the behaviours of our people and their actions so that we can live together with other ethnic groups in this country"

Premier Na'amo Irosaea also says while overseas assistance is appreciated it's allowed a form of dependency to develop among Malaitans.

He says they shouldn't wait for their ideas to gain project approval before starting work on them.