19 Aug 2009

Lack of clarity on US military plans for Tinian blamed for stalling development

8:18 pm on 19 August 2009

A Senator in the Northern Marianas says the lack of clarity on the U.S. military's plans for the island of Tinian is stalling the development of a new landfill and other projects on the island.

Tinian Senator, Jude Hofschneider, says submitted written concerns on the issue to US Congressman Gregorio Kilili Sablan during a meeting this week.

Two-thirds of lands on Tinian have been leased by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Under its 50-year lease agreement with the CNMI, the military retains exclusive use, control and possession of these lands.

The government has already spent 750,000 US dollars for an environmental impact statement for the proposed location of the landfill.

Jude Hofschneider says they have had to hold back on plans to move forward with this location because of the possible military use of the land.