20 Aug 2009

Needing repairs, American Samoa vessel Sili gets permit for Manu'a sailings

2:18 pm on 20 August 2009

The US Coast Guard has granted a so-called excursion permit to American Samoa's vessel, the MV Sili, to carry out two voyages this week to the Manu'a islands.

This decision came after the American Samoan government committed a date for dry docking the 30-year-old vessel for repairs.

The Coast Guard has identified some 150 areas of required repair and refurbishment to the structure and interior areas of the vessel.

Local Coast Guard officials met with Governor Togiola Tulafono this week to discuss the status of the MV Sili and the Coast Guard was informed about two urgent trips to Manu'a.

Coast Guard Lieutenant, Ted Harre, said during the meeting, the governor committed, among other things, that the vessel will go on dry dock on September 4th for the repairs.

He says a 1.3 million US dollar appropriation bill is going through the approval process in the Fono.