20 Aug 2009

PNG campaign for three women seats now continues

3:41 pm on 20 August 2009

A campaign to have three women nominated to the current Papua New Guinea Parliament will continue, despite MPs giving their backing for 22 reserved seats for women to be established in time for the 2012 election.

Community Affairs Minister, Dame Carol Kidu, says the commitment made by the country's 22 Governors and Government MPs at the national summit in Lae is a great breakthrough.

But she says the legislation still has to make its way through Parliament.

In the meantime the minister says the campaign for the three nominated seats will go ahead during this November's session.

"We will still put that to the floor. If we don't succeed, at least we will have done it. I don't want it taken off notice paper and nor does the Prime Minister because if you take it off notice paper, it is kind of saying that Government has made a mistake. And we don't believe we have made a mistake in trying to use the constitutional provision for nominated seats. So we still intend to take that vote."

Dame Carol Kidu, the Community Affairs Minister of PNG