20 Aug 2009

Actor 'The Rock' fronts diabetes campaign

6:32 pm on 20 August 2009

An American actor with Samoan ancestry, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, has become the new ambassador for a Diabetes Aware campaign, which also targets American Samoa to fight the disease.

Mr Johnson says families can make a difference by being active together, eating right, and teaching healthy behaviour to children.

A diabetes programme co-ordinator at the LBJ medical centre in Pago Pago, Loata Sipili, says to date more than 5,000 diabetics have come through the hospital, which includes children.

"It has grown out of proportion, meaning that there are also diabetics type 2 in the younger population at the age of ten, eleven, and twelve. But we have a lot more diabetics at the age range of 30 and 50."

She says type 2 diabetes is linked to people who are obese, have high blood pressure, or a family history of diabetes.