21 Aug 2009

Fears for PNG highway collapse

5:22 pm on 21 August 2009

There are fears in Papua New Guinea that a section of the Trans-Highlands Highway connecting Port Moresby and the Gulf Province will collapse because part of the culvert has fallen away.

The Post Courier newspaper reports that it has created a very big hole and poses a dangerous situation for vehicles to pass.

Provincial police commander Senior Inspector Ruben Giusu is worried that the collapse of the sealed road might get worse due to the heavy rains in the area and might cause another fatal road accident on that highway.

Mr Giusu says the situation is very unsafe for travellers and threatens to cut off the road altogether.

After a fatal accident on the highway earlier this year, he called a meeting and warned PMV drivers especially and liquor outlets along the highway to strictly abide by traffic regulations and liquor licensing regulations to avoid such accidents.