24 Aug 2009

Solomon Islands archivists hoping to make some improvements back home

3:25 pm on 24 August 2009

A Solomon Islands archivist is hoping training he's receiving in New Zealand will lead to better record keeping in his country.

The New Zealand Archives is currently hosting two archivists from Solomon Islands, with Bernard Rizu and Louisa Laekeni in Wellington with the assistance of NZAID.

Mr Rizu says he's hoping the training will help him show government ministeries how important it is to send their records to the archives.

"Some of the records we should have at the archives still in the record trading agencies. The communication between the archives and ministeries should be consistent and that's what we are hoping to regain in the coming years"

Mr Rizu says Solomon Islands locals who currently visit his country's archives cannot get the information they should be able to access.