24 Aug 2009

Questions over Fiji interim regime having colonels run administrative divisions

3:32 pm on 24 August 2009

Fiji's military regime has increased its grip on power, appointing four army colonels to manage the country's four administrative divisions.

The interim government says the move is part of its plan to instill an effective machinery to serve the people of Fiji.

However, Tupou Vere, the director of the Pacific Concerns Resource Centre, says the positions have been around since colonial days.

She says that begs the question of why four civilians have not been appointed to the posts.

"There would be various people who hold very key positions, civilians. In the Ministry of Provincial Development, are there really no people who are up for promotion? So we really wonder about the strong push to have four colonels holding this position."

Tupou Vere says that all four of the appointees are indigenous Fijians, but will have to deal with the interests of all ethnicities in the role.