25 Aug 2009

Cooks' Elijah Comms says access to information is no issue

12:31 pm on 25 August 2009

A private media owner in the Cook Islands believes the Official Information Act is irrelevant in such a small country.

The Cook Islands was the first Pacific Island country to pass legislation in 2008, with the Official Information Act coming into effect this year and being administered by the Ombudsman office.

Shona Pitt, a director of Elijah Communications of the Pitt Media Group, who owns and manages a television, radio and newspaper outlet in Rarotonga, says they've never had any problem gathering information since they first started broadcasting over a decade ago.

"We've never had a problem getting information. People leak us information all the time. We never have had a problem with getting information when we want information."

Director of Elijah Communications in the Cook Islands, Shona Pitt.