26 Aug 2009

Samoa road switch concern prompts rental car company closure

3:14 pm on 26 August 2009

Some rental companies in Samoa are closing their businesses during the period of the road switch in the interests of public safety.

On September the 7th, drivers have to change the side of the road they drive on in line with a new road transport law.

The government has declared public holidays and launched a major public awareness campaign to educate drivers about the switch.

Rental car company Fridam Rentals is closing its doors and its manager, Mike Tupuola, says the plan is to close for one week.

He admits he'll lose money but he says he fears many accidents and deaths on the road during that time.

"There are people that, they drive on the wrong side. And once, especially with the majority of cars being left hand drives, once the switch occurs and takes effect its really gonna have an impact on most people. Especially those whose lives will get caught (out) by it."

Samoa rental car company Fridam Rental's Mike Tupuola.