28 Aug 2009

Solomons Malaitan community group goes into politics

6:56 am on 28 August 2009

The Solomon Islands Malaitan community group Ma'asina Forum is moving into politics with the intention of forming a political party to contest the 2010 General Elections.

The group is calling on Malaitans who are interested to attend a forum in the capital to get the views of prospective political candidates.

The community group, founded by Malaitans living in the capital, has been in the forefront of the push to have government address the economic development of the province.

A spokesperson for the group, Hudson Kwalea says the groups inception stems from the need for Malaitans to return home and develop their province to avoid what happened in teh ethnic violence in 2000 on Guadalcanal.

He says Malaitans contribute 80 percent of the country's work force but are not looked after by the national government.