31 Aug 2009

Solomon Islands government opens gate to telecommunications competition

6:18 am on 31 August 2009

The Solomon Island's Parliament has opened the gate to competition in the country's telecommunications market after the passing of a much anticipated bill.

The previous Telecommunications Act only allowed for a single telecommunications provider, but the bill, just passed , will give other companies a chance to provide phone and internet services.

The Solomon Islands Director of Communications Robert Bokelema says the passing of the bill will not only save people money but be a stimulus for better internet and phone services.

"We'll have improved quality, improved roll out to rural areas. And this bill has a regulator who will regulate the market. I think quality will be one of the measures that they will measure against the performance of the service providers."

Robert Boklema says the government will put out a tender next month for telecommunications providers interested in bidding for a contract.