1 Sep 2009

Tonga's government looks to recycling

11:10 am on 1 September 2009

Tonga hopes to source funding for a nationwide public awareness campaign and an outer island facility to encourage recycling.

The acting Minister for Environment, Asipeli Palaki, says many people still burn waste in Tonga to the detriment of the environment, but says in most cases the waste is recyclable.

Mr Palaki says they want to educate and develop a better process for those on outer islands to be able to reduce, re-use and recycle.

"Introducing the three R's for minimisation of waste in Tonga. So hopefully we can get funding. We're also looking for or to receive more funding for a recycling facility for the outer islands in Tonga."

Asipeli Palaki says he's hoping Japan, Australia or New Zealand can assist them with funding by the end of the year.