2 Sep 2009

Fresh election for Vanuatu's new president

11:48 am on 2 September 2009

A fresh presidential election will be held tomorrow morning in Vanuatu.

An Electoral College comprising the 52 members of parliament and the heads of the six provincial governments sat this morning to vote on a new Head of State.

The term of the last president, Kalkot Mataskelekele, expired in mid-August.

The names of 15 candidates, including Mr Mataskelekele, were submitted to Vanuatu's electoral office but our correspondent says only 11 were eligible to stand.

Hilaire Bule says one of those must receive two thirds of the vote.

"And this morning it was only 56 out of the 58 who were present at the parliament chamber this morning and the outgoing president has already secured 15 votes and the opposition candidate has already secured 12 votes. Vanuatu will not have a new president today."

Hilaire Bule says the Electoral College will sit again at nine o'clock tomorrow morning.