3 Sep 2009

Nauru expects great improvements following Digicel launch

7:46 am on 3 September 2009

The Minister of Telecommunications in Nauru says he expects significant improvements in communication in the country, following the launch of Digicel's mobile phone and internet services.

The telecommunications operator launched its GSM mobile services on Monday, after receiving a licence in June to operate in Nauru.

"The Minister, Sprent Dabwido says in the past many people have complained about a poor response in emergency services because of the country's unreliable phone services."

He says the Ministry is demanding improvements by Digicel.

We've actually asked them to record or register everywhere the emergency phone lines and have a good reliable service that people can rely on anytime. It is a priority in my department for telecommunications where we do provide a service where people can find emergency services at their fingertips.

Sprent Dabwido says he also expects internet services to improve drastically, with the widespread availability of broadband services.