3 Sep 2009

Malaitan group becomes new Solomon Islands poltical force

1:48 pm on 3 September 2009

A Malaitan community group in Solomon Islands says people from the province are working to form a new political party.

A spokesperson for the Ma'asina Forum says the party is being formed in response to a feeling from Malaitan people that their demands are not being met by the current members of parliament.

Hudson Kwalea says people had considered demonstrating about the lack of action but decided it was more responsible to try to form their own party.

He says someone needs to give a common voice in Parliament to the needs of Malaitans, as MPs seem to be more interested in serving themselves through entitlements.

"One of the pressing demands of the people is the development of national projects within the Malaita province. What has transpired in the past is that the leaders tend to use the Malaitan national projects that was planned for their own reputation, you know, playing games with the people of Malaita."

Hudson Kwalea says they are hoping to form a constitution and a manifesto, and register the party so they can work towards contesting the 2010 election.