5 Sep 2009

Solomon Islands PM denies reports over salaries

9:22 am on 5 September 2009

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Dr Derek Sikua, has denied reports that Government Ministers are among the highest paid people in the country.

The Solomon Times online quotes Dr Sikua as saying a report in the Solomon Star newspaper that Ministers were paid 48-thousand US dollars a month is "a blatant daylight mockery."

Dr Sikua said that the take-home pay for most Ministers is between 400 and 530 US dollars a fortnight.

Information provided to the media shows that in a fortnight the Prime Minister earns just over 600 US dollars.

Dr Sikua said Chairmen of Parliamentary Committees and other state workers collect far higher salaries than Ministers of the Crown.

However the take-home pay figures Dr Sikua alluded to do not include various MP allowances and entitlements which are substantial.