8 Sep 2009

A Fiji lawyer says regime acting on whim over gathering permits

8:20 am on 8 September 2009

A lawyer in Fiji says the issuing of permits for gatherings seems to depend on the mood of the military led regime.

This comes after police cancelled the Law Society's annual general meeting, despite initially giving their consent.

The spokesperson for the regime would not comment on the reasons for the change of heart.

Lawyer Richard Naidu says the cancellation is an unproductive move.

"There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason why permits are given for somethings and not given for others and then given and withdrawn.... it just seems to depend on somebody's mood on the day. But, I don't think it's particularly productive not to give the Law Society and lawyers the opportunity to air their views."

Richard Naidu.

The Law Society has told Fiji Village it plans to write to the regime asking for an explanation for the cancellation.