8 Sep 2009

Amnesty calls for international action to end intimidation by Fiji regime

7:10 pm on 8 September 2009

Amnesty International says the intimidation of critics of the military led regime in Fiji is continuing, and its calling on the international community to act.

The human rights organisation is calling on China in particular to use its influence as a donor to Fiji to pressure the government to restore the rule of law.

It's released a new report which catalogues what it says are repressive tactics used by the interim government to stifle protests against it.

Its Pacific researcher Apolosi Bose says at least 60 people were arrested and detained by the regime in the four months following the abrogation of the constitution in April, at least 10 to 15 of whom were beaten.

He says people on the ground in Fiji say the intimidation is continuing.

"It seems like the pressure on activists, on critics continues today, it's a very worrying trend. We've been wanting to publicise this so it can counter what the interim government is saying that everyone is happy in Fiji and there are no human rights violations."

Apolosi Bose says more people may have been arrested or beaten but there is a real fear about speaking out.