9 Sep 2009

Pacific Polynesian leaders in New Zealand to discuss single regional government

3:06 pm on 9 September 2009

Regional dignitaries are in New Zealand to advance ideas on formalising a single governing body for the Pacific's Polynesian triangle.

About 60 chiefs, or Ariki, as well as representatives from Tahiti, Hawaii, Rarotonga, Tonga and Fiji are at Whaiora Marae in Auckland.

A spokesperson for the event, Matt Seymor says so far talks have looked at the concept of one Polynesian nation.

"To discuss their differences to create an indigenous government for the one Pacific... Te Moana Nui a Kiwa. All the Ariki have had their own private meeting to talk about their whakapapa, how they relate back to their land and back to their people and working that part out and then going through their constitution and their they've also had lawyers from various Kingdoms discussing their law policies."

Matt Seymor says one purpose of creating a Polynesian government is to unite Pacific communities and reduce the dominance of colonial law on the Pacific.