10 Sep 2009

Fiji leader tells Commowealth of 2014 election plans

1:16 pm on 10 September 2009

Fiji's interim Prime Minister says he's explained his roadmap to hold elections in 2014 to the Commonwealth's Special Envoy Sir Paul Reeves.

Sir Paul's visit to Fiji follows its suspension from the Commonwealth last week.

The Commonwealth delegation met Commodore Frank Bainimarama and other government minister yesterday, and will meet again today.

Fiji Village reports Commodore Frank Bainimarama says explanations have been provided to Sir Paul on the necessity of electoral reforms and why elections will not be held for five years.

But the Commodore says his government will continue to engage with the Commonwealth.

Sir Paul is remaining tight-lipped about the content of his discussions with the interim government.

The former New Zealand Governor General says he can not yet comment on what is being discussed or what outcomes there could be.

"We are seeking to explore the way in which the situation of the interim of administration in Fiji and the possible assistance of the Commonwealth can meet. It was amicable and a good sort of spirit was involved in everything we said, so it was ok."

Sir Paul says the Commonwealth team has another full programme today, which includes meetings with civic and community groups, employers, and academics.

He says the Commonwealth team is dependent on what the interim government has arranged for it, and it must accept that it's not able to meet political parties in Fiji.