14 Sep 2009

Five police officers in Samoa face criminal investigation over alleged brutality

6:23 am on 14 September 2009

A special investigation is to be carried out in Samoa into allegations from a young man that he was beaten and assaulted by five police officers while kept in custody.

The assistant commissioner, Papalii Lio, says the victim was arrested for throwing stones at several family houses near Faleata international sports complex and damaging road signs.

The Samoa Victim Support Group was approached for help by the family of the young victim who reportedly lost several teeth as a result of the alleged assault.

The five officers are still working while awaiting the outcome of the inquiry.

The assistant police commissioner says a medical report would confirm the cause of injuries but he points out even police officers as law enforcers are not above the law.

He says the five officers would face the consequences if the investigation has evidence to support the victim's allegations.