14 Sep 2009

Bus owner in Samoa raises concerns over passenger safety

12:30 pm on 14 September 2009

A Samoan bus owner has raised concerns over passenger safety if a door is just cut into the other side of the bus to comply with the rules in force since last week's road switch.

Last Friday, the Prime Minister Tuilaepe Sailele Malielegaoi asked bus operators with non compliant buses to change by welding up the old door and cutting a new one on the other side.

A bus owner Leanapapa Laki says the Prime Minister makes it sound easy, but says he's concerned over the quality of workmanship and whether the structure of the bus will remain sound.

"I think he makes it [sound] really easy, but he hasn't experienced (it), he hasn't got a bus. We who have been in the business for a long time, if you just change the door, seal off the other side, it will weaken the structure of the bus."

Leanapapa Laki.

Some buses have switched the doorand are back in business.

Bus owners say they are liable to pay financial compensation to passengers if there's a fatal accident.