15 Sep 2009

Tokelau ulu keen to restore wide consultation

1:40 pm on 15 September 2009

Tokelau's leader or Ulu, Foua Toloa, wants to go back to a system where communities living off-island can contribute to future decision-making.

The Ulu has been holding discussions with Tokolauan communities in New Zealand and officials are also travelling to Australia.

Foua Toloa says in the past communities could select representatives to attend Fono meetings and he would like to consider bringing the system back:

"Every General Fono once or twice a year they would come in as representatives to the General Fono, not as delegates but as observers and they can voice their opinion in terms of issues that are discussed with the General Fono, but when it comes to the voting , they re not allowed to vote."

The Ulu says the meetings could be held in Apia to make access easier